Electric fan intakes

Hi Guys
I want to know your opinion on a idea i had and tell me all the things that is wrong with it.
The basic idea is that you place intakes at the front of the car with a fan in them, and when you drive faster the fan spins generating electricing which could charge the batteries while driving.
please tell me your thoughts

The fans will cause more air resistance than the power they will generate. .

but most cars have a grill alrady that make air resistance which means placing them in there will not change anything

The grill has a given amount of open space thru which air passes thru the radiator and the air conditioning condenser. Newer cars have an electric fan to pull air thru the opening at low speeds. If you added another fan in front of the radiator it would cause more resistance to air flow than the fan would add in power.

At present photo electric generation is the only available add on that will generate free power. It is expensive to buy and install and payback is long but it IS viable.