Electric car Engineer needed

Looking for Electric /Hybrid Vehicle engineer ASAP!

Electric Vehicle Engineer needed in Berkeley, CA. Please do not apply of you don’t live in the area.

Can, or have you built 2+ electric vehicles from the ground up? If so we want to talk to you. We are looking for someone experienced to work on an Xprize vehicle. You must be very well versed on all systems in an electric car. Understanding of BMS is very helpful. Additionally we are looking for a candidate that has some, or all of the following skills.

Knowledge of:

• Excellent knowledge of electrical systems/electronics
• Methods, techniques, parts, tools and materials used in the maintenance and repair of vehicles including testing, diagnosis, HVAC service, hydraulic, brakes, testing and repair of electronic systems and modules.
• Operation and maintenance of a wide variety of hand and power tools, shop tools, test equipment.
• passionate about electric and hybrid electric vehicles
• entrepreneurial attitude, can you provide your own tools? Are you proficiency with OBDII and/or CanBus scan tools?

Additionally some of the following skill sets would be helpful:

  • Experience with DSPs, microcontrollers, programmable logic device.
  • Experience with high current/high voltage sensing technologies.
  • Knowledge of power supplies - switching, linear, high power, compact footprint, etc.
  • Basic knowledge of power semiconductors - IGBTs and Mosfets
  • Possibly some experience with automotive environmental, reliability, and safety requirements

This is a short term position maybe 1-3 months, communication is highly important. Excellent Oral and Written communication required.
Please attach resume, and any additional information you might have that would impress us (powerpoint presentations,
websites, links to projects you have or are apart of, etc…).

Pay is good could be longer term depending on your skill set. Please send resume and references.



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