Eestor delayed... again

Hi everyone,

Incase you aren’t subscribed to the Zenn newsletter, I’ve copied the latest edition here for your enjoyment (or displeasure) where it talks of another delay in the release of the fabled eestor.

Dear ZENN Enthusiasts,

Well 2008 has certainly been an exciting year! We have made tremendous progress across a variety of fronts including the advancement of both the cityZENN and ZENNergy drive system projects.

Related to these projects is the commercialization of EEStor’s energy storage technology and while not press released, it should be noted that EEStor recently dramatically increased their intellectual property protection. Patents were granted in the month of December further ensuring that EEStor’s technology and production processes are protected. If you refer to the details of the patent granted on December 17th 2008 (patent PDF) I believe that you will gain a better appreciation for the significance of the technology and the complexity involved in its commercialization. The EEStor EESU has the potential to be as disruptive to the 21st century as the internal combustion engine was to the 20th century!

With the end of 2008 quickly approaching, it appears less likely that we will have the 3rd party verification of permittivity or the prototype EESU this year as we had hoped. So we’ll all need to wait for these major milestones and the full commercialization of EEStor’s technology but rest assured that ZENN Motor Company continues with its development efforts so as to be fully ready to capitalize on the technology as soon as available.

EEStor’s technology represents such a significant leap forward in energy storage that once all milestones have been achieved, I am confident that you, as one of our stakeholders, will be deeply satisfied in how it will enable ZENN Motor Company to become the global leader in zero emission transportation solutions.

I firmly believe that 2009 will be the year that the automotive industry changes forever – and not just because of the current economic turmoil we are all familiar with, but led by the commercialization of disruptive zero emission automotive solutions by ZMC. I am very excited about ZMC’s pending Electric Vehicle introduction in 2009 and I look forward to sharing more about our significant progress early in the coming year.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our committed Retailers for their vision and leadership in their respective markets, the entire ZENN team who work tirelessly to move us towards our goal of becoming the global leader in zero emission transportation solutions, and our shareholders and loyal supporters who support us in so many ways throughout the year.

From all of us at ZMC, we wish each of you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday season.