Economical Lithium Volts vs Amp hours Calculation

From what I recall reading, Watts = Volts X Amps. I am trying to figure out the most cost effective lithium-X module/battery to get/build in any combination that gives me 3,000 watts.

I looked around a bit and didn’t see anything so before I start data gathering and calculations does anyone have any numbers or references for the most cost efficient way to achieve 3000 watts via Volt and Amp combinations?

For example:
72 Volt 42 amp hour average cost is X
48 Volt 62 amp hour average cost is Y
36 Volt 84 amp hour average cost is Z



This sums it up, if I understand your question.

Basically trying to figure out what the cheapest option would be for 3,000 watts, high voltage low amps, low voltage high amps, mid voltage mid amps.

on general review it seems higher amp Hours drastically increases cost but not sure if higher voltage does, make sense?


Not really. In general $/kWh.
Price depends more on type, quality, energy density, and and packaging.

Thanks Inwo

I figured density/capacity was the biggest factor, just see many configurations of the same cell quantity at different prices.

You have mentioned before, what were the Volt pack years to stay away from?