E Tuk continued from MM thread

There’s a connector with 3 wires then another with 2, but the connectors aren’t like the ones for the Gems.

I’ll be ordering a 2nd MM for my other Gem today.

Are there 3 power cables to the motor?
Look for a name plate. It looks like a 4 wire plug as used on an ac motor quadrature encoder.
Ac motors can not generally be spoofed into more speed.

Thought that looked familiar.

Same motor that we use in our Gem conversions.
How fast is TukTuk now?

There’s 3 power cables like the picture you provided. The Tuk is a slow and I mean slow 23-25mph vehicle. It’s a 72v system and I use lead acid batteries. The one thing I can’t complain about is mileage. I get 50-55 miles per charge. The name plate came back to a company out of Asia which I’m not surprised. The vehicle came from Thailand, but assembled in Denver.

See if it uses a curtis controller. I have a programmer. TukTuk is rated at 50kph.

Hopefully I can get to it in a hour. My kids crying about buying fireworks so I’m leaving the house. I appreciate your quick feedback. I’ll toss another question for your consideration tonight. Thanks!

The controller is in a box secured under the rear seat. It will take some time to pull the seat. I decided to look up the specs on eTuk USA’s website. For the new models like I have it says it’s a Curtis controller. Here’s the link to the manual they provided.

We should be able to get you over 50mph with the motor you have.
Need to know the gear ratio and tire size.

Do you travel? Or only based in Idaho?
I have associates in Fl., Mo, Ca, and I’m in Se Mn.

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Your motor will spin 9,000rpm

100 MPH - LOL - WTF
Ludicrous mode

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Gonna help the guy out?
8kw isn’t going to push a Tuk Tuk 100mph, but it will give some good data.
These parts are from a company I’ve used. A customer in Iowa may be ordering soon.
They make a 15kw motor. I guess that I could ask if they could spin it over 4500 rpm.

We could do better than this with our 8kw.

I was wanting to wrap the frame (reinforce it) and go the Tesla Model S motor. Of course there’s a lot more modifications that has to be done. I grew up drag racing motorcycles and then when stationed in Italy I started racing the circuit. I just want to knock out some records with a Tesla motor if possible then go back to chill mode. LoL

Let us know your gear ratio and we can set you up with a fast ride for not a lot of money.
In theory, a $1k controller.

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Owning two Tesla’s and seeing a couple Tesla motor installs - you are looking at a ton of work!! It would be bad ass don’t get me wrong. Motors, controllers, mounts, axles, control systems…
Probably not worth the effort other than to say you did it guess that is why I have a Tesla battery in my GEM… LOL

I travel all the time. We work a few hours per week for Delta and American so I have flight benefits to fly whenever. I’m always in Mn because that’s a direct flight from ID. I don’t mind trailer a vehicle either.

I knew someone that lucked up and won a wrecked Tesla for $4500. He put it in a S-10 and that damn truck could smoke the tires for a mile. He put some sticky tires on it for the strip then it because a wheelie pooping truck. I was already wanting to building a wheel standing and tire burning Tuk Tuk. I grew up living around the most famous wheel standing vehicle of all time, “The Little Red Wagon.” So this has been a vision of mine. If I’m lucky to have something powered by Tesla then it’s the world’s first, Tuksla. LoL. He, a man has to dream right?

I love your aggressiveness and knowledge. The Tuk Tuk that I have I want to reach max speed with what I currently have. I’m trying to find me another Tuk Tuk to put a roll cage and a better braking system. This is the one that I want to be a beast for records and YouTube videos. If I can’t find a Tuk Tuk then I’ll seriously consider using my 2002 e4 that I have that’s waiting for me to rebuild.