Dont over grease motorv spline coupling

I don’t get to work with new parts very often, I always plop a good dollop of grease in the motor coupling when I mount it. Today new motor - new input shaft. I noticed it was hard to draw up. DIDN’T pay any attention. 400 feet and BANG. The grease couldn’t escape around the splines and put so much force on the small bearing on the back of the input shaft IT exploded. Gearbox is hurt big time.

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Yikes!!! Thanks for the heads-up.
What year car is this?

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Happens to be an 05 but applies to all classics

Over greased the shaft, eh?

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So Rodney. Do you think because the parts were new and the tolerances were so tight between the Motor coupler and the input shaft grease could not escape between the threads where it would normally escape.

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Good question. When I installed the motor it had a larger than normal gap and I had to strain to pull it up tight. Should have known better. I’m going to be more sparing with the grease and make sure the gap is normal before tightening in the future. Bought 22 motors to build last week AMD 7.5s GE 7 fans D&D 7,5s GE long 5s.


Is it possible you got grease in behind the rubber bumper?
I can’t see grease in the splines NOT being able to work itself out.

Or maybe the bearing on the motor is not fully seated? this would throw the whole armature towards the trans.

Set a straight edge across the coupler end at the mating surface. Is that coupler sticking out more than normal?

Yes to both. ■■■■ happens.

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