Detailing : Restoring the Polaris Gem plastic Shine

Didn’t see many posts on this condition. I’m restoring and selling a 2014 Gem E6s acquired at auction. The cart spent its days at the Mission Hills Westin resort in Palm Springs. I don’t know what cleaning agent they used on the lower dash cover, but if you run your hands over it it has a rough feel to it. The finish was dull, had deep scuffs and hundreds of fine scratches.

It doesn’t get better with soap and water. So today I used a Harbor Freight 1814e-B variable speed duel action polisher with Mequires Ultracut compound (expensive but also at Harbor Freight). I like a smaller variable speed polisher because it’s easier to control than my larger Dewalt. The speed that worked best for me was 2-3. The Gem plastic can crack easily, so when you are sitting be careful. ( I sat with the dash cover laying over my knees) I washed the debris off and finished it up with my favorite Nu Finish wax swapping the foam on the polisher. It’s not perfect but so much shinier now after 1 hour of work. Does any Detailer out there have a strategy that works better? thanks for your input.