Customized GPS Speedometer

Completed installation of customized steering column mounted GPS speedo from SpeedHut w/ 3D printed housing. Roof bar holds GPS antenna. Works great!

Looks great could we get some more info?
What’s the cost of this unit and do you have to have the roof mounted GPS antenna. I know Dave had a GPS speedo that didn’t need a antenna. And if one was Intrested where do we get them

@grantwest, he mentioned Speedhut in post. Lots of choices, I saw this one

$170 with remote antenna

I opted for the 50MPH unit and chose the customized GEM logo for +$20. They will work w/o the GPS antenna - but since I was installing the light bar I went ahead and incorporated it into the bar.

I also connected the optional hot wire that connects to the positive post of the auxiliary 12v battery. It draws just milliamps and remembers the last SAT positions eliminating any time delay in acquiring their locations.

I’m very satisfied with the unit!


I see it has a Digital screen @ the Bottom and a toggle button just like the stock speedo what info can you scroll threw? What info can be displayed

The following menu features are available with the speedo.

After considering the cheaper GPS speedo alternatives, I felt the USA manufactured unit with a lifetime circuit board warranty was worth the extra investment.

That’s Very cool.
I like some of the options like Elevation feature. So what’s the deal with the 3D printed mount. How could I get my hands on one?

I’d be happy to send you the 3D .stl file I created. It will take a little post Dremel tool application – but fits rather well over the 2020 steering column.

Due to the length of the GPS antenna port sticking out the rear of the speedo, I had to create an additional pocket to allow the speedo to swivel with a 90 degree SMA adapter (

Let me know!



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Right on My brother has a 3D printer if I wanted to get after it.

Hey I just ordered this $40 Digital from amazon

1/4 Mile time

I’m anxious to see 0-60 and 1/4 mile times from you guys.

Do you have a link for Amazon?

Yes Sir

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I love this speedometer. Thanks for putting it out there Grant.

I picked one up on Prime Day for the intent of putting it in one of my GEMs, tested it out in my e34, and never took it out… Hoping for a black friday deal on another one.

(e34’s have known dodgy clusters due to old age capacitor failures. this was a perfect solution to save me ripping the dash apart to get the cluster out)

Hey thanks for reporting back. It’s nice to hear feedback,& what others experience.