Could manufacturing delays derail the Detroit Electric train?

Detroit Electric has been in the news recently with its all singing, all dancing electric sports car. However, production of the vehicle has been put back by at least a couple of months with teething problems arranging premises on which the vehicle will be built. While this kind of delay is inevitable in a relatively new operation, even though the Detroit Electric name has been around for over 100 years, the company will need to be careful.

The rebirth of the company has given hope and optimism to EV enthusiasts but if the company is not able to deliver within the broad timescales it could potentially lose its trust factor.

There are concerns that delays in the manufacturing of the Detroit Electric SP:01 could impact short to medium term cash flow as the company had seemingly hoped to use cash from the first manufacturing run to fund the company’s next vehicle. There are no concerns about the viability of the company at this moment in time but any delay is not helpful.