Cos(phi) at charging

Hello all :yo:
I`m new at this forum and this field…
Today I work on a project that involve planning of a electrical grid to feed charging station of electrical vehicles :slight_smile: I stady this field very hard and love it:D.
In the planing of the grid I bump into a small problem that I hope that you will help me with this.
I need charging station that feed on 230V and uses IEC 62196 EV type 2 connector.
I look over few data-sheets of charging stations and I noticed that while they worte on there specifications input voltage and current are 230 Vac @ 16A, the AC charging power output is 3.6[Kw].
that means the electrical car charging is with power factor of 1 if not so in whice power factor the charging take place??
If the charging take place with another power factor (<1) so to get to the power output of 3.6[KW], I will need to provied higer current to the charging station for compensate the reactive power in the grid so I will need thicker wires for the new current.
I hope that I expleain my problem well.