Controller IC3645SH7R353T1

I’m looking for a driver that works for gem e 825 IC3645SH7R353T1, is there one for sale?

I’ll drive you. How much do you pay per hour and do I really need the limo license?

And T1 = double rate/

For Sentry sw? I made them in the past and can send one for $150.
Over priced but convenient. Pm for diy instructions.

I also am confused by this request.
Perhaps you can expand by telling us what you are trying to do?
What is your car status?

Are you looking for a T1 controller for your car?
Are you looking for a MDB file so you can Program your T1?
Are you looking for comm Cable?

I remember back at the beginning of the year you were looking for parts to swap out a T1 to a T2 into your car. How did this work out?

yes i am looking for a T1 or T2 controller for my auto gem e825

I have a T1 available

@Recharged Just an FYI, Nestor is in central or south america, he owns what may be the only gem car in the country. At the time he and i talked, the controller was considered a technology import despite being over 20 years old, and was going to create a lot of paperwork and tarrifs for him.

He seemed like a really good guy, just was not a feasible sale or import at the time. I no longer have any T2s, I’d revommend reaching out via PM if you want to sell it and see whay if anything has changed to cut the ted tape.

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Got it. Thanks for the info :slightly_smiling_face:

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Of course you do kiddo… /rolleyes