Considering on buying a BMW-360i

Hello EV Community…I am thinking about purchasing a BMW 360i, electric vehicle…anyone have any experience with this vehicle? Any tips you can share since I am a first time EV buyer?

That’s a steep price tag! I would look at all of the reasons not to buy that car. For instance, how many have they sold? How long are parts going to be available? How similar is it to the far more affordable BMW i3?

I suppose if you are considering that car, money is no option. And I can’t say anything bad about BMW. I used to work near one of their larger offices in Dublin, OH. They rented out some garages along the back of a complex where we could watch them train techs on new cars. They have a very extensive training program. So I can only imagine that the support is good.

Yet - I have never owned a ‘beamer’ so I can’t say. :slight_smile:

Reality Check: I support Electric vehicles but Gas is only 2 bucks a gallon.

you should buy it

Way too much money for that car.

I’d go for it!

BMW prepare to launch an all-new 330e Performance. I found one article, but I am not sure is it a true?

I don’t know, that price seems to high.