Top Qualities why the BMW i3 electric is the best

The BMW i3 is one of the best electric cars in the world to day. This is according to its manufacturer, BMW.

With more and more people owning and driving the BMW i3, the real score as to the vehicle comes to fore. If you own one or have driven one, share here what are the top qualities why the BMW i3 is the best electric car in the market today.

There is a growing feeling within the industry that the BMW i3 could be the car which propels BMW into the electric car market. So far the feedback has been very positive and interest from consumers continues to grow.

bmw collaborate with toyota and they work together considering hybrid cars. :slight_smile:

A little off topic but it was interesting to see that Mercedes Benz and Tesla Motors have got together for a third time now to create the Mercedes-Benz B classic electric drive.

More info here :-

Tesla Motors announces tie-up with Mercedes-Benz

I think we will see further collaboration across the board.

now a days there is very tough competition for a manufacturers to survive in the industry and old is gold so that’s why Mercedes and bmw are the best manufacturers in this automobile industry

It’s an impressive car. I drove all the alternatives before buying mine. BMW have been impressively radical in their approach and thrown out the unnecessary adherence to internal combustion engined production lines & looks.
Once you drive electric any other sort of car seems rattly & unrefined - even another BMW.


It was interesting to see that BMW took quite a while to announce its entry into the electric vehicle market. This seems to have been a very successful strategy with an impressive array of electric vehicles now a long-term part of the BMW portfolio of cars. One of the major issues for large well-known vehicle manufacturers looking at the electric vehicle market is the danger of negatively impacting their long-term reputation. BMW, unlike some other well-known manufacturers, appears to have negotiated its entry into the electric vehicle market with expertise.

It’s so stylish it could be French…


Was not a fan when I first saw the i3 but the look somewhat grows on you. I took advantage of the test drive last weekend and got an unclose look at the car and come to find out I like it. There are some things I think BMW could have done better of course like the position of the gear selection and the little screen for speed indication but over all I thought it was pretty cool. Performance wise it was about as good as expected I just wish they would have worked out getting a bit more range before they put them into production. That will come in time tho I am sure.

It goes a lot further if you put it on eco-pro & concentrate on coasting as much as you can.