COMPLETE list of GEM error CODES

Our two month old Gem will not move as of yesterday. The battery is at about 70%. The headlights, dome light, hazards and turn signals, and light bar all work. The car will not, however, move forward or reverse (it does beep).

It does display Veh Fault above the battery meter, and when you hold in the button at this display it brings up. 520606: 31

Any idea what that code means?

Also note: It was charging in the parking lot when it began to rain.


can you look if you also have a second one code ?

did you see my post here about forward+reverse problem ?

I get error f17003 on my late model Gem eM 1400 LSV whenever I apply full accellerator in nofmal operation, such as near top speed on a gradual incline.

I don’t see error codes anything like that in your list - that is, starting with a letter and including 4 digits.


Thanks for your help -

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can you see green led on controller,if it have a blink code ?
and how many times flashing

Hi look at this
7 Led Flash
F17003 - Low Battery Cut
Battery voltage (0x5100,1) is less than Under Voltage limit (0x2C02,2) for longer than the protection delay (0x2C03,0

My knowledge of the GEM pretty much ends with the 2008 or so models. My employer has none newer than that, so my knowledge has gotten stale. All the GE controller error codes are in the format “-XX”. Or, charger LED blink codes. Wish I could be more help.


Greetings WillReadmore,

i’m having the same issue with a couple of GEM eL xd cars.
Was your problem resolved?


I have a 05 e2 and I am getting 09 code in high and reverse gear any ideas?

Wiring or switch problem with direction or turf switch circuit.

Hello. I’ve recently bought a 2000 gem e825 four seater that had been sitting for a year. Instead of purchasing the replacement gem batteries at the cost of a small castle, I replaced them with series 31 big rig batteries from advanced auto parts. I am now receiving an error code of 51. Is this due to the batteries not being strong enough or another issue? Thank you

Did it ever run with new batteries.
Any battery will run it without error 51. Low voltage when turned on.
One battery in backwards. One bad?
Check for 68-84 volts across the whole string.

Thank you! It’s still throwing that error code and is dead… won’t move. Lights… back up warning… turn signals all work. No go on movement though

i have a 2015 gem es wont show the battry porcent on the dashboard


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Hi, I have a 2008 gem e4,when Charger is plugged in display shows 96 and97,can’t find any information on these codes,any ideas?thanks

Well duh, I guess I was ignorant, I just got the charger working and first saw an 88,the next day I saw a 96 then a 97,a little later 99…then it hit me…the percentage of charge ha old age is going to be fun!

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armature voltage high electrical fault inspect motor controller
43 armature voltage low electrical fault inspect motor controller
44 armature transistor failure electrical fault inspect motor controller
45 armature transistor

I need help please. 2012 e6 gem owner. When I plug it in to charge, it says E 222.8 and when though the battery bars appear to charge… it does not charge. Tried the gem website and manual but have not been able to find out what this error code is and how to fix. Please help.

Same problem here. Switch is intermediate. I just replaced with a push button latching switch.

E 222.8 is not an error code . Just push the trip switch once