Cluster appears to be dead / no power

I was backing up in the cart and all of a sudden lost power. The cluster is dead and the cart won’t move (forward or reverse). The horn and flashers still work. The main fuse under the seat is fine.

I suspected the switch, but when I turn the switch, I get continuity from the black wire to the others (so I am guessing the switch is fine). Any guidance? How do I test the DC to DC converter?

Well after going through pretty much everything and looking for a loose connection, blown fuse, etc. The problem turned out to be the lower main wire loom connector to the cluster. I have no idea why it wasn’t seated properly, but as I started putting stuff back together I heard a few electrical clicks as I clipped it in, turned the key, and bingo…Obviously I am a bit concerned as I am sure it was in previously, but for now it is working…

On another subject - removing rusted / stripped bolts is a real pain in the a$$.

OK Update - the problem appears to be in the connection from the DC to DC converter to the cluster. I can move the wires and the cart seems to power up, power down, cluster flash , etc. I saw another post where someone posted a picture of a DC to DC converter and someone (I believe Scott) said it was the cheap Chinese one and was problematic.

Can you please advise if this is in fact the problem converter and if so, what do I replace it with and how is it wired differently? Thanks