Clicking Noise Holding Accelator

Thanks to all for starting and participating in the great forum.

I have two topics please:

  1. My 2002 GEM 4 seater, which I’ve owned for only a couple of months now, has a constant clicking sound when I hold the accelator steady at mid and high speeds. Also hear it when decelerating from high speed to mid speed. Sounds like it is trying to engage and disengage drive mechanism to differential multiple times. Almost like it is trying to jump in and out of gear. Since it does not have gears, that is obviously not the case. Sounds like a faulty foot pedal switch of sorts. Any thoughts please?

  2. Have what appears to be a small fluid leak from the differential. Are they related? Suggestions please?

Also found a great place to find parts like wheel cylinders for a good price if anyone needs parts. Easy to replace these as well.

Thank you all for sharing knowledge.