Classic gearbox donation

Looking for a junk gearbox to use in a no-load motor test.
Need input shaft and gearbox only.
Borrow is ok. Buying is ok.
I’ll pay shipping to Florida.

@djgabriel2004 is testing motors

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Part of the junk I picked up the other day was an extra 12.44(not sure of condition yet). I suppose if you really were desperate I could make up a crate for it but from shipping coast to coast gets pricey.
A local source would probably be a better choice.

In the back part of my brain I’ve been toying with what it would take to make a motor run stand. That sounds like more of what is needed here.


I’ve got an 8:1 gearbox you could try. Same distance as @AssyRequired though. It’s all boxed up. If shipping isn’t completely crazy, I can send.