Chevy Corsica EV Power Steering Problem


I have a 95 Chevy Corsica EV, I am having a problem with the power steering… well, at this point, I don’t know what to do:

My EV is 72V by the way

I need to somehow eliminate the power steering out of the car, but there is no manual power steering system for the Corsica

Is it possible to make one?

What options do I have?

The car runs good, new batteries and everything… but the only problem is the steering is really hard… especially when the car is not moving.

Please guys… help me out here.


just loop the hose on the rack from inlet to outlet just bypassing the pump

Look at buying a Toyota MR2 spyder electric power steering pump. I bought mine for $75 at a junkyard. There are many drawings on the web on how to connect the electrical. It draws about 6-9 amps idle 50 amps max. Get a local hydraulics company to make your hoses if your car uses different connectors than Toyota.