Checkin These Little Puppy's Out

Those of you that know me understand that I have a “Dark” side and can’t leave anything Mechanical Undoctored.

Did a little checkin to see what people that don’t give a rat’s behind about warrenty are doin with em.

Seems that at 35 MPH, with the stock 5+HP motor, they are Rock Solid and will go on forever. Best part, you don’t lose a lot of range.

You pop in a 7.5 and you have a 47 MPH car. Yes, you lose some range. Wadda ya expect?:violin:

You do a 10 and your at a “burn the tires off” 58 MPH. Who gives a damn about range when you can do BURN OUTS?:smiley:



That’s why you never buy new. Never, Never, Never! Never have to worry about warranty… LOL God I love this site! :rockon::rockon::rockon::rockon:

the Stallions* is the Atomic in Asia… these are from a dealer friend in Thailand… I know that Atomic Electric Vehicles is out making dealer deals at this time…I believe there is a dealer in Indiana and a couple in Florida at this time

photos are of the 2 seat… 4 seat… pickup… 4 seat… the cabin of one of them and the pickup… I assume the cover in the pickup is standard… no one really has posted the spects… well maybe the Thai guy has but I don’t speak Thai