Charging Polaris Gem in closed garage - Safe?

I recently purchased a practically new Polaris Gem E4 2018 with just 190 miles. It’s in showroom shape. I was reading through the owner’s manual when I got to the section regarding proper charging. It talks about the importance of charging the gem in a well-ventilated area due to the possibility of hydrogen gas build-up accumulating in pockets at the ceiling. That made me a little nervous since we’ve been charging it in a closed garage attached to our house. I’m wondering if anyone can tell me whether what I’m doing is safe…or whether the garage might blow up when I turn the light on one day! Here are some important details: I have the lithium-ion battery. The garage is a two-car garage, with only the nev and some ordinary storage items like Christmas decorations and old baby clothes. We do not store anything flammable such as fuel. The garage is attached to the house via an interior door to the kitchen. Thoughts? Concerns? Thanks in advance.

Lithium batteries do not vent. Warning was a generic warning for charging in general.
However, lithium batteries have their own dangers.
Polaris should have engineered them for safe charging anywhere. You can’t ask them though, as they can’t go on record telling someone that they are 100% safe.
Well, I guess you can ask! Be interested in their reply. :slight_smile:

Yes your car is Not Safe to charge indoors or even outdoors please send it to me right away I will take that fire hazard off your hands. Act now b4 it blows up and takes out the entire neighborhood.

LOL LOL J/K welcome to the Fourm. How about some pics of your new ride and some specs.

Thanks. Here’s a pic…we’re getting the soft doors installed by the dealer in a couple of weeks. We thought black would be less likely to show dirt, and look about as cool as a non-modified NEV could look. As for specs, I’m not sure what kind of specs would be interesting. It has a top speed of 25 mph and can do 0-60 in, well, no one knows for sure. :rofl:

So it sounds like it won’t spontaneously combust, which is an excellent feature. If it does, I’ll be sure to post the pictures.

With this new threat/information and the increasing trend for ev’s in more garages, perhaps there is a market for a new overhead mounted gas pocket dispersion device?