Charging cable and tripping hazard


I developed an easy solution to avoid having the cable on the floor, it’s available on Kickstarter:

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1/2 as long for shipping as a solution to mentioned issue?
The end of the first wire wound into a receiver for outer half.
Obviously a smaller id spiral with spread coils.

Or maybe use a threaded rod coupler.

I like it, having two Tesla’s and two Gem cars it seems we are always walking around or over charging cords. I was thinking of something like a air hose reel, that way the whip could be up out of the was as well.

@Inwo, Thanks for the 2-part suggestion, yes, the first proto was exactly that, with a tube as a coupler, but in the end it’s too complex to build vs the shipping cost gain, so the one part will probably win out :slight_smile:

Order quickly if you’re interested, the 20 first to order get a rebate :slight_smile:

@MikeKC yes, once this is hopefully in series prod, the next version would be to figure out how to achieve that with a fixture from the ceiling.