Charger cycling and flashing + error 14

Revamping a new to me a 2001 Gem with some questionable 2017 batteries. I charged up all the batteries to 12 + volts and tossed in the batteries tonight and hooked everything up. Things look so so at 69 volts at the controller terminals, close enough, it is cold out, in the 40s. It came on and CLUNK into reverse. Hit the throttle, Battery voltage drops from 69 to 67. Then a code 14 appears and shuts off, low battery. No big deal, I plug in the charger and get ALL the lights flash on the charger and it continues to cycle turning on and off.

What did I screw up? Is there a good guide to do a load test on the batteries? They were coming up to 12.5 but I didn’t load and discharge them. I do suspect there is some things (drive train) are frozen since this thing has been sitting in a very salty air for the past two years and it was hard to get the wheels to turn when pushing it.

Newbie question. Will it shut off totally at 70 volts? What is the voltage range as percentage of charge at 69 volts? I did the math, 69/6 only works to to 11.5 volts. Totally depleted. Looks like I need to find the recharge all of them.

Sorry for the all the newbie questions, trying to figure this thing out.

Looks like an ac power problem.
Try using a different iec cord plugged into the charger pigtail. And look for corrosion on ac plugs.

Thanks! what is a iec plug? Is that the one with the flat triangle connector? I do see corrosion on the plugs, I’ll give those contacts a light sanding.

IEC 320, more commonly known these days as a computer power cord.

I was surprised to see there was no ground on the cart plugin on this there supposed to be one?

that makes sense! I got lots of those :slight_smile:

Need a heavy gauge one for the charger though.

Ok, what I found was the IEC 320 cable was getting volts to the charger, but when I tested each side against the ground I found it had 70 volts on one side and 26.6 on the other side. I’m guessing its been damaged somehow.

I bypassed it using a new IEC cable, not a super heavy but one that is good for a desktop ( hopefully heavy enough). When I had the battery switch in the On position it would cycled on and off like it did in the original post/video. When battery switch was in the off position I would get the connected light, but the red would blink 2 blinks and the charge level light IE 80% one does not stay on.
Should the battery switch be off or on when charging?

Battery disconnect switch under the seat needs to be in the on position to allow battery charging.

Thanks! Yep, if the switch is thrown the battery charger will cycle on and off. I tested all the batteries to see if I might have one that is low and there was one battery at 10.5 so maybe there is bad cell in one of them that is causing the charger to cycle on and off.

I made a little progress, now when I plug in the charger to the new IEC cable it will start to charge for about 30 seconds or so. During that time I can see the voltage go up to 86 from 70 before it kicks off and cycles.

Start with a new set of batterys