Charge port "new style"

I have a 2002 car I want to update the charge port to the one that mounts in the hood.
I’m familiar with the Marinco one

Anyone know where I can find the Gem version with the hard plastic door that’s spring closed?

Marinco or Hubble

This is the style I’m talking about

Still having a hard time locating this exact charge port. I looked threw all of the Hubble Hubble website. They don’t seem to have it. Marinco makes somthing close BUT it has the twist and lock plug. And you can’t retrofit it to the straight 3 blade?

Marinco Marine On-Board Hard Wired Charger Inlet 15Amp Black - Star Marine Depot

^^^ Nope That’s the same one as used on older cars with charge port in the rear"

Well you can swallow your pride and get down on your hands and knees and beg Polaris to sell you one.

Would you settle for a spring cover?
The inlets are common.

The spring is broke on my 2008 Gem charging port cover. It just flops in the breeze… Like wearing boxer shorts.

No, it’s just a flip lid cover, to use with an inlet port.

Generac 6393 Flip Lid for Power Inlet Boxes

I guess if you combined the one in Rodney’s link and this one you would have yourself the factory gem type.

Price is right.

If you have not drilled the hood yet I have changed over to a completely different style inlet for my GEM. I have the GEM style on my boat and several other things and as they age the cords do not hang on tight enough to keep from falling out. The new inlet is a water tight twist lock style that is much smaller and is rated at 20 amps instead of the 15.

Cover -

Inlet Plug -

Cord end -