Can a GEM be pushed when out of power?

I was just wondering…if my GEM E2 runs out of power, and I’m not far from home, can it be manually pushed without damage? If so, what precautions need to be taken? Thanks!

Nobody else wants to take a stab at this? Here’s my opinion then!

If you’re talking about a couple of guys pushing the GEM up the street then no problem. If you’re talking about using a car to push it then I think you’d have two problems: First would be a mechanical problem with the strength of the vehicle - there’s not much to push on and you’re liable to damage the rear portion of the vehicle. And secondly when you push it, since there’s no “neutral”, the motor will turn over and it will generate electricity, especially if you get up to any speed. That electricity will go somewhere and without a load to dissipate it, it could get really ugly. Mechanically you’d be better off to tow it from the front with a tow strap but you’ll still have the motor generating power.

Personally I’d trailer it if I had more than a block or so to go. I once had a break down a few blocks from home and I flagged down a landscaper w/ a trailer and gave him $20 to trailer my GEM home.


Thanks ARandall

I was watching this post with interest to see what the general opinion was - what you say makes perfect sense to me .

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Yep, I’d think SLOWLY was the key word whenever your towing a GEM.