California DMV special processing unit

I have a 2001 GEM four seater. I just applied for a zero emission vehicle white sticker that would allow free parking at the meters in Santa Monica. After a month, the application was returned, and was rejected because the vehicle was not listed on the California air resources Board. Has anyone out there had any luck applying for and receiving one of the stickers?. Just to be clear if it’s not for carpool lane or anything else it’s just a zero emissions vehicle sticker that would have parking privileges.

Not surprised! Having sent years dealing with CARB over emissions standards, it is hard to confuse them with actual facts. Most people at CARB are die-hard environmentalists , but are clueless about actual engineering/science requirements. Keep trying, you may actually find someone who understands what you are asking. it does not help that California has been so far in the red that the CARB employees have been reduced to working 2 and 3 day weeks to save money. Hopefully they are back to working full work weeks now.

I should have added that the federal government lists the GEM as NEV and CARB should have same reference. If you have California title, fuel type should be listed.

Call it a Global Electric Motorcar, rather than GEM.

Thanks for the tips! I’m gonna try again