burn between batteries

hello !
ive noticed this problem near the 400 amp resistance
first time the right side was hot and burning, week later the left side, as you see in the picture…
car model is 2010
i have extra ® but its 259 amp should i use it?
your advise?
thanks in advance

another 2 more questions . whats the job of this resistance ? and why this area getting burned?

It’s the main fuse. Someone else needs to chime in on the heat

okay i have checked the fuse and its still working!, why both sides connected to it is melting?

From my experience, it can be caused by rusted contact area. Is there full area contact with the lead terminal connector? Too small of a nut or add a small washer. Everything bright and shiny,

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Bright and tight!!!


Not related to your current(ha ha) problem, but you’re missing the battery hold-down bar. Studies have shown that vibration and bouncing greatly reduces battery life over the long run

After a restoration/upgrade of my car last year I had the same problem. Had hot spots and battery post melt. I recabled the entire battery system with new 2/0 tinned marine battery cable, tinned connectors and glue lined shrink. The problem went away. When I cut the old cables open there was corrosion inside the cables. 30’ of cable, shrink, lugs, a hydrolic crimp tool and a heat gun you can do it your self for less than $200.

hello !
thanks for the answers
the problem is solved after getting them tight.

You should remove all the connections and clean Al the posts and the terminals. I’m sure especially the loose ones were making sparks and creating a poor connection.