Brake light switch

I need a new brake light switch. I’ve Googled every variation and can’t find a supplier. Any recommendations? Forget about Ride4Fun, and 4gemparts. The part number is 0306-00107.

Thanks for your time.

ebay has some similar that pop up when I searched “brake light switch geo” i would think if you can find one that has same diameter shaft you would be OK or take it to NAPA and they can find one that would work for you.

Ask for “Lee” at Beck Chrysler (GEM Parts Dept) In FL (888) - 677- 4961

The OEM is Indak Switches. I haven’t had any luck matching up the pictures on their web site. Since the switch is a common failure item, I have considered going to a pressure activated switch connected into one of the brake lines. Pressure switches a quite common on vehicles and will not corrode or come out of adjustment.