BMW and Fiat offer free car rental days to EV customers

In what many will see as a rather bizarre marketing ploy, BMW and Fiat are offering free car rental days to selected EV customers. The Fiat offer sees those purchasing a Fiat 500e gaining access to 12 days of car rental from Enterprise Rental per year as a means of offsetting concerns about journey capacity.

Is this is nothing but a marketing ploy or is it a sensible move to catch the attention of consumers?

Why would they be offering such an offer? Seems like they are insisting that something is wrong with their car in the first place…

Im not sure about this one - its either a very clever marketing ploy to hook people or a step backwards for the EV industry. Its a strange one!

Very Clever way to move to catch the attention of consumers… I agree…

thanks for sharing it

That’s clever because EV owners are mostly concerned about their EV range. So if you want to go on a trip on the weekend, you can then rent a combustion engine car for free from BMW. Impressive!