BMS chargery problems

Hello all,
My gem has been hibernating for the winter. I have been charging my Bolt battery up to keep a charge on it all winter. I was just looking at the BMS Chargery and it shows when the battery power is off and no key in the ignition. it reads 1.4 volts and the WH are raising like it is charging when it is just sitting still. I turn the key to the on position and the volts go to 0.0. Now one thing I did do that might be the problem is I moved the controller, because it was hitting the steering column a little towards the Shunt. do you think It is throwing off an error? just seems weird it would think it is charging when the power and ignition is off. I turned the BMS off for now but want to get this fixed. any suggestions…


Just had a thought… Could it mean I need to Re Calibrate the BMS?

Hey Tyson: I think you have your black & red twister pair shunt wires backwards. Try switching the twisted pair on the shunt Because 0.0 volts with key off sounds right. And -1.4 v with the key on sounds about right.

Here is a video that shows how to re—calibrate
The BMS 24