Blind People And Ev's

I saw a clip on the news today about blind people getting in accidents with ev’s today and the possible legislatation inplicatations. Making your car make noise so the blind can know you are there!!! A clip clop like a horse or motor noise like a gas car, personally I love the non noise I make. Here are some links.

What a load of crap. My corolla is quiet enough that I hear the wheels on the road as much as I hear the motor. If I had an electric car and was forced to have it make noise I’d make it scream like a 2 stroke dirt bike. That’d make people jump when I hit the throttle.

next you’ll hear the deaf complaining because it doesn’t have flashy lights on it or something rolls eyes they shouldn’t be walking in road ways if they cant handle it then…

Sound is one of the most strong sensing way to know the surrounding for the blind, and is the main reason why blind people did nor recognize the EV coming near because it did not have any noise as compare to that of the other cars.

I would make it like a dirt bike or roar of lion.