Beware of this! Xiamen ZAP EV MANUFACTORING Co. Ltd Mr. Mountain Chen

Important information for investors in the electric vehicle market.

In the next 2 month a Chinese company is going to offer stocks on Australian and Pacific stock market.

The company: [B]Xiamen ZAP EV MANUFACTORING Co.,Ltd Electric [/B]Vehicles
General Manager: Mr. Mountain Chen

ZAP Ltd. told our business partner by e-mail that they are bankrupt.
(I saw and read this e-mail by my self)
A business partner of us lost last year 200.000 USD.
The quality of the manufactured goods are very very bad.

30% of customers gave the goods back to the dealers.

The reason for the problems are lack of battery and controller systems.

Our business partner prepaid the whole goods and is still waiting for delivery of a new charge and have been waited since 5 month for spare parts and replacement parts.

ZAP Ltd. told our business partner, “please wait” for our new production shipment, again and again and again.

Our business partner don’t believe any longer in statements of the manufacturer’s general manager Mr. Mountain Chen.

Beware of this company.

Dr. Martin Collins
Development engineer, Sydney