Best budget ways to improve e825 stopping / braking

I just picked up a 2000 e825 2-seater for a great price and am now looking to make it as safe as possible without spending a fortune.

The braking and steering are the two main concerns I have with my e825. Mine was sitting in a barn for 3 years. There was no brake fluid in the reservoir, and when I was finished bleeding the brakes, this is what the fluid I took out looked like.

The brakes still don’t lock like I would like, the stopping is very soft. Bleeding made a huge difference, but I was wondering what else could be done aside from a conversion kit? I saw in a previous thread that someone had used a Honda brake kit on their e825 as an upgrade. Has anyone else heard of this?

For steering, it feels a bit loose. We have to make 3 point turns often. Is this normal? Any suggestions to improve?

Thank you so much for you help in advance. I tried to do as much research as I could before asking but I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

The 4 passenger gem has a lousy turning radius. You may want to confirm all fasteners are tight.

Brake wise, best improvement I have made on two carts is adding the NEV disc brake kits. Total confidence it is gonna stop.

I spent some time researching disc kits but you’re still gonna have to fabricate some mount plates. Kits were easy to install.

@Old_Houseboater has a fix by drilling anew hole in brake pedal assembly to increase pressure. It may lead to blowing seals if your wheel cylinders are in poor condition.

Have fun!

Still working. This assumes your cylinders are in good shape and your linings are dry.

Thank you so much for they help, I appreciate the replies