Battery's won't fully charge


Have a couple questions, here’s what I have. 6 realistically new 31dcm deep cycle marine batteries, zivan charger set on F (not micro upgraded), battsix.

Charger light cycles red, yellow, green. No errors.
Dash gauge reads between 60-70% after fresh charge
Battsix has similar readings, no faulty battery under load.

Having a hard time figuring out why I’m not getting full charge??

Should battery charger be set to E?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Ok lets see. before we jump into deep water check and record the Specific Gravity 2 hours after charging. Come back here with the numbers. BE SURE TO CHECK AND LOG 36 HOLES.

Call ZIVAN and ask them what setting is for flooded. Have serial number ready. Also any update sticker info.

What year is your cart

How much range are you getting?

How old are your batteries

What type of batteries did you replace

Your Zivan should be set to flooded what ever that position is.How many positions on your Zivan are active. (inactive positions will alarm) Have you tried the other available settings,you wont hurt anything.

If you were under charging the batteries they can be reconditioned if not too far gone.

Some possibles:

Your charger is set to Gel and your batteries have deteriorated due to under charging.

Corroded connections - are they all bright and tight

Charger is defective and not performing

Batteries are used up.




Thanks for your reply.

I do not have hydrometer. I guess I’m now questioning why I spent $150 on a battsix to check the health of the batteries.

My cart is a 2004 e4

I’m only getting 4 miles, but again I’m showing a finished charge of 60% once it gets to 40% it starts to slow down.

Batteries are 6 months old the manufacture date codes verify the receipt.6/15

The cart is only a couple months new to me. I have no idea what was in there before

The zivan has 4 active settings gel, agm, Trojan 2.6, Trojan 4.5. It’s set on F 4.5

Not set to gel

All teriminals are bright and clean and tight. Cleaned and filled everything when I fitted the BattSix.

Can anyone tell me what the zivan micro update does?


Trojan 2.6 is for 105 amp batteries. Trojan 4.5 setting is for 150 amp T1275’s I don’t know what F4.5 is.

A Hydrometer is the gold standard for checking condition of flooded batteries. They are less than 10 bucks at an automotive store.

Its cold where you are right now so range is down somewhat. How ever you should be able to get to 100% charge if your batteries are ok. Even though your batteries are only 6 months old you might have a problem. Try the Trojan 4.5 setting It’s cool enough outside that it will not overheat the batteries. If you have a way of monitoring the voltage while the charger is on you should be seeing 90+ volts near the end of the charge cycle

Strongly suggest you get a hydrometer and check each cell. I assume that you have size 31 105 AH batteries. What is the brand and model # of your batteries?

I ran a set of 31MDC batteries for 6 month on a Gel setting and lost 1/2 the range in 6 months. Finally got the setting right and had the dealer “recondition” the batteries. He had them on his machine for 2 weeks and I got back to about 18 miles range.