Battery type/brand?

I have gotten my hands on 6 of these batteries. What thoughts do yall have on installing these in my 02 e825 long bed? Forum won’t let me post Web address line do you’ll have to Google 12fat130 front access battery. Sorry…

12 FAT 130 12 Volt 130ah Monolite FAT Front Access Terminal Backup Telecom Battery replaces 126ah NorthStar NSB 130 FT, NSB130FT

Finally was able to post link.

JMO, but personally I wouldn’t use any battery that was NOT a “Deep Cycle” industrial battery (no auto batteries, no marine batteries, no backup batteries). The design/use characteristics for backup batteries (probably long shelf life and low discharge requirements) aren’t the same as those designed for deep cycle usage (high discharge rate; frequently drained/recharged). I think you’ll be disappointed when used in a GEM.


I was thinking the same, but the price was right. I’ll be sure to post the results once I get it going.