Battery Charge Display

Hi, I am new to this forum, and apologize if this has been asked before. I have a 2009 GEM e4 that I purchased new, but has not been used in over two years. However, my 12 year old daughter now wants me to show her how to drive it. The problem before as now is, the battery charge display only shows the one red bar (90% discharged). I replaced the batteries today with correct new ones. They all were bench tested and shown to be in excellent condition with approximately 12.7 volts each upon installation. The charger seems to be working properly and is currently in the ‘Finish Phase’; according to the LED’s on the side of the charging unit. I confirmed this with a voltmeter on the entire system, and got 84 volts while charging…and 80 volts with the circuit isolated. However, the display still shows only the one red bar. When you first turn it on, it momentarily displays all the other green bars on…so it is not the actual display not working. I was hoping someone with knowledge and experience with this vehicle could tell me what is wrong and how to repair it; if possible. The car came originally equipped with the non-gel maintenance batteries and were replaced with like ones. No changes to any programming have been made to the vehicle, either. During the first two years of ownership, the battery charge meter worked fine. Thank you for any help you can provide. Marcus Payne Choctaw, OK

Well, never mind. After two charge cycles, the battery charge display started working properly. Glad I didn’t tear into it.