Battery capacity meter

Started talking about this project in another thread.

Time to start new one.

Meter came in today.
Load bank is mounted.

A couple leads and should be ready to test. No wonder I can’t get anything done. Jump from one project to another.:smiley:

This is 1200 watt load resistor. 8 ohm @ 72 volts = 9 amps 648 watts.

100/12 = 11 hrs to discharge 100ah.

Wired and tested on 24volts.

Now to see if it can dissipate 1kw without a fan.

Built to fit small regional rate box.:wink:

Doing a short trial, for temperature.

Meter set at 50ah and counting down.

Coils themselves are 300 degrees. :eek:

i measure my battery capacity by how many miles of range I get. Currently about 15 miles.