Batteries not showing charged but at 95% (per my external charger)

I have 2 GEMs with different problems.

This GEM we suspected had a bad controller? So I put the controller from the other GEM in and it now RUNS great …yea! HOWEVER, it is showing no bars as far as charge status and batteries are ACTUALLY at 95%?

I’m just glad the damn thing is finally running but anyone have any ideas as to why not showing charge status correctly. I briefly saw and error 15 which is low battery. These are fairly new batteries and I checked each one and they showed 95% charged???

Also, prior to installing working controller, internal battery charger would not kick in. Now I hear it doing its job…but indicator bars show only 1 red bar.

You can reset the soc meter.
Charge level will not increment unless the interlock circuit is opened by powering the onboard charger.
If interlock not working. Open the green wire from charger during charge cycle.

How to reset the SOC here.

Sorry for my electrical ignorance…what do you mean by “open green wire”

There is a green wire from charger that supplies B+ to the car allowing it to run.
When charger is ac powered, B+ goes away(opens) to prevent car running with cord plugged in.
State of charge won’t increment while green wire has B+ (72v).
May have nothing to do with your issue.

Thank you for the info!

Update… it’s working. Although the batteries we at 95%, I left it plugged in all night on charger. I guess at some point something tripped and all the bar are showing full. I drove It around and Idicatorrs seem to be declining properly.

Thanks for all your expertise and insight.

Now if I can just get the other GEM running…I have another thread running on it. It. Is the one only going 4’ Per pedal push… arrrgggg

Pin 7 is the throttle signal. No need to take anything apart.
As -82 can be tach error and you had a tach magnet problem…

I have 2 GEMS, 2 Different problems. This 82is on the other thread. After installing new controller the SOC was incorrect. This battery indicator problem resolved itself after leaving it on charger over night…I guess something tripped. I’m just glad one is running.

Does the SOC number of bars dictate how much charge will be sent to the batteries? My SOC doesn’t seem to change at all. I see the bars with the plug when I’m charging so I’m pretty sure the interlock is working fine. If I manually set the SOC to say 75 percent, does that mean that the charger will only charge the batteries “25 percent” to get to 100 before the charger shuts off? I’m confused about what manually setting the SOC does and how the SOC meter calculates each bar. Is it like a tesla where you can adjust how much you want to charge the batteries (80 percent 70 percent etc)

It has nothing to do with charging . It is just a gauge to show you approximately how much charge you have in your battery pack . Charge your batteries to full , set gauge to 100% . good to go

so you have to set the gauge to 100 percent after each charge ?

No . Once set it should be good

Any way to adjust the SOC indicator on a 2001 with a T2 controller?

I’ve never messed with this particular setting, but Rodney described how to adjust the SOC here:

Not sure how that is going to work with your lifepo4 pack though. I guess you could just experiment.

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Thanks, yeah don’t have the cable, and based on Rodney’s notes guessing it won’t work well. I added an external voltage gauge and try not to run pack down below 80v. So far I haven’t gotten below and my range works for my needs.

My current cart 2000 4 Seater - T2 - RFF Blue Motor - 8,9 gearbox - 21" tires - 420# of Flooded Batteries - Cart was very good on #5 setting. I have added a 7th battery and now it indicates faster than actual discharge.

I too monitor voltage and try to not get below 50%. My longest day is 14 miles and I plug in every night. I really never have a problem.

You will note all the parameters I listed. Each one has an effect on range. So when your comparing one carts range with another you need to know all the facts. Your terrain and driving habits can have a BIG effect on range.

If you have the patience go one step at a time. I’m still interested in this please report back.

Anyone no what the Batt setting is? I noticed at 0 the SOC will not show charge? Mine was at -5.9 when I looked at it for the first time but goes to -20