Batterie level jumps to zero

Hi. I am a first time ev owner. I have a 08 gem e4. My battery level indicator drops one bar at a time down to 50% then blinks and drops to one bar. I am not sure how old the batteries are or how much life they have in them or if this may be a charger or relay issue. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Me too. :smiley:

My 2008.
You can reprogram soc meter.

Didn’t help me.
Batteries are down to 9miles.

Is that with new batteries? Have you ever continued driving or have you always recharged?

Old batteries.

Drive 1/2 mile home and recharge.

My 2010 with new batteries seems to work fine. I never ran it down low enough to see if it jumps to empty. Have run it down to 1/2.

The 2008 goes down to two bars from full and the jumps to empty.

Old batteries and at least 1 bad cell?? Does the charger lights say the batteries had a complete charge? Barry

The 2008 goes down to two bars from full and the jumps to empty.[/quote]

My 2007 has the exact same problem. The batteries are under a year old and the voltage is fine on each battery even after they are “discharged”.

Have either of you found a solution? I’m wondering if it’s the contactor or motor controller possibly?

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First of all I’m not an expert. New batteries can have bad cells. I had a set of batteries (gell) that went bad. When measuring the voltage as a group the pack looked fine. The state of charge bars showed a full charge. The battery charger was blinking red that said there really wasn’t a full charge. I thought the charger was bad. It wasn’t. It was telling me it couldn’t charge the batteries all the way. I kind of figured there was a bad battery (or more than one). I found the batteries all measured within .01 of each other. Some high some low. I couldn’t find a bad battery. Polaris charged me $35.00 to tell me every thing was OK with the batteries. They didn’t own and still refuse to by the Gem recommended battery discharger/tester, ($800.00). I finally installed a BattSix system. I noticed one of the batteries was always .01 lower than the rest. You have to have a way of real time constantly checking the batteries while in use. I bought a new battery and replaced the low one. Problem solved. The charger showed a green light and things were good. Good luck, Barry.

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