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Hello, I’m a new owner of a 2002 GEM e825. When I bought it the batteries were at 98 % now I’m only able to get it to charge to 44%. Does this mean the batteries are bad? The two front batteries were replaced a few months ago. I also am getting a -4 error. Any suggestions?

It’s possible that some or all of the 4 batteries that were not swapped out have gone bad. You’ll need to charge them, possibly with an external charger and then check the voltage with a meter or better yet, check the individual cells with a hydrometer.

It’s also possible that your charger is acting up, are you getting any beep error codes while charging? and, in the above picture, where is the thermal sensor that is supposed to be above the forward-most battery? Depending on it’s location, it could be giving a false reading that causes the charger to cut out early.

Error code -04 means the parking brake is still on. Or more accurately, the car thinks it’s still on. If it’s disengaged, check the microswitch on the parking brake bracket.

That -04 error is tricky, even though you put your parking brake down, it might not be all the way down!! When I was new to my GEM I did that.

Try a couple of drives around the neighborhood and charging cycles. You might be able to get it to charge higher than 44.

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Try draining the battery or this can also indicate that your battery is bad.