Are NEV users more likely to buy Electric Cars?

Does the regular use of an NEV make you more likely to buy an Electric Vehicle for general road use?


I have a 2004 Prius as my ‘big boy’ car… I hang my head as I tell you that this car still has the new car smell and only has 23000 miles on it… I drive my GEM car where I’d be driving the Prius… I shop at Safeway and build up the gas credit… last tank was in December and I had so many credits that the price was 97 cents a gallon… sadly I only took about 8 gallons… I bought the Prius as my last car… guess it might well be… don’t like the price of new cars… the Prius was $27000… the dealer always sends the sales mgr out when I go in for service to drool and try to make a deal… haven’t tried it with other car companies… might consider a Wheego if I were to go all electric… for now am staying with the Prius and GEM car