Anyone know how to get a PHEV Saturn Vue?

Wikipedia still says that the Saturn Vue will be the first PHEV on the market. Is this still true?

I’ve also heard that Jay Leno has now managed to get a PHEV Ford Escape for himself.

I’d really like to get a Vue or Escape (which ever is available first) as they come of the line. Does anyone have information about the schedule for these two cars?

There’s a company that makes a Saturn Sky converted. it is about 50K

Wow, I just came across my own post by way of a google search! I thought that mass marketed PHEV’s would be a hot topic on the web, but it seems completely impossible to find any information about any of them!

I’m going to try to make a timeline of announcements from the major car manufacturers. If anyone can actually find out how to get one in the U.S., please let me know!

General Motors
Dec 2006: GM announced at the LA auto show that the Saturn Vue would be the first commercially available PHEV, shipping in 2009:
LA Auto Show: GM Announces Commitment to Saturn Plug-In Vue
GM Media Online

Jan 2008: GM said that it was “almost ready”:
From Detroit: Saturn Vue Plug-in Hybrid Nearly Released

Jan 2010: GM announced a PHEV version of the Cadillac XTS:

Dec 2007: The first 20 PHEV Ford Escapes hit the road for research purposes:
Ford Plugs In Hybrid - Ford

Jan 2009: Ford states that its first PHEV vehicle (Ford Escape PHEV) will be released in 2012, as it focuses first on BEVs (being released in 2010 and 2011):
PHEV | 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid - Part 2

One source says that there will be 5000 PHEV Ford Escapes in 2012:
Ford says it will make 5,000 PHEV’s in 2012 - GreenHybrid - Hybrid Cars

Toyota has a flash site for their PHEV vehicle, but it has just pretty pictures, and very little information:
Plug-In Hybrids

July 2007: Toyota says that 2 US universities are now making use of Toyota PHEV vehicles for research:
@Toyota: Behind the Wheel

Nov 2007 and Dec 2007: These sites state that PHEV test vehicles have been delivered to UC Berkeley and UC Irvine:
About Toyota | Our News | Toyota Environmental Update - Forty-seventh issue, December 2007

This page says that they are planning to release 500 PHEV Priuses in late 2009 for testing purposes. There is no date on the article:
Advanced Vehicle Technology

June 2009: Toyota has made 200 PHEV vehicles available in Japan through leasing programs:
Green Car Congress: Toyota to Lease 200 PHEVs in Japan Starting at End of 2009, 500 Globally; Gen3 Prius Plus Li-ion Pack

December 2009: Toyota shows off the “2010 PHEV Prius” in the LA auto show:
Toyota Vehicles : 2010 Prius Plug-in Hybrid Makes North American Debut at Los Angeles Auto Show / Toyota

Now that everyone doubts the safety of Toyota hybrids, I wonder if these will be available for discounted prices… lol