Another spoof project

Testing ways to raise Min-Max voltage levels for T4 controller.

Seems to work. Need brave volunteer.:boxing:

Tested my car at 90 volts. Snowing yesterday. Only went up and down the street.

Plan is to make plug in modules to raise voltage by a set amount.

Used a +12 in mine.
Shown is a +5 that Grant may try to raise his cut-off voltage from 60-65 volts.

Being a spoof, it won’t raise the safe voltage of internal mosfet drivers.
Relies on built in safety margins that may or may not be adequate.
Much like overspeeding a motor.
Is it safe? Well maybe!

Mixed results after more testing. :frowning:

The 86 volt start limit can be raised easily.

The 60-96 volt window for motoring may be fixed in hardware, requiring internal hardware modifications.

On the plus side, a 96 volt high limit may be easy to live with.
And raising lower limit only a convenience.

Each test requires running battery down. It’s a tough job, driving the Gem around all day. Someone has to do it.:smiley:

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