Another silly newby question

I’m not sure if I ever intent to try something like this - it’s more of a curiosity…

I was wondering if there are gas generators that could be capable of powering an EV in transit? I know the Chevy Volt has a gas generator system to extend the range, but could a person, at least hypothetically, construct a trailer that consists of a generator and gas tank that could power the system. I’ve seen something like it for the T-Zero, but I don’t know if that is specific to the AC Propulsion system.

My idea would be to do a basic EV conversion, but that would draw power from either the onboard batteries [I]or[/I] from an outside source. Then construct a separate trailer with gas generator that can supply enough power to run the system. So for everyday short commutes, I run it from the batteries and leave the trailer at home. But for longer commutes, I’ll attach the trailer and fill up as I go. This would eliminate the one drawback to EVs.

Has anyone attempted this, or perhaps seen it done. Any info would be appreciated!!!