Anderson connector passenger front wheel well for external charging?

I have a 1999 e4 with 20s nissan leaf upgrade. Does anyone know if I can use this as a charging connector for an external charger? The car in at a vacation home. I have a lithium setup but something keeps bleeding power and running my batteries low (maybe a relay) when the cart is unused for months. I’m afraid its going to kill the nissan leaf cells I used. It has already depleted the cells below what the Delta Q will charge.

Anyway, I found a 2amp 72 volt lithium charger that I can regulate the voltage. I was hoping to use it a storage charger set at 78v max until I can diagnose the power vampire. And even then use it as a long term storage backup. Does anyone know if I can use the this anderson connector? Looks maybe like a 50A connector on this old photo I found. Any thoughts?

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Anderson connectors are great.
Are you planning to use as main disconnect? Then use one sized for full load.
For charging only, the 50 amp is a nice size.
They can be mounted to any flat surface.
My truck with 10awg direct to battery.
Why would you not leave dq connected? Is it set too high for storage?
Bms can manage that. By setting it to storage voltage. Lithium don’t like trickle charging.
Do they self discharge with main switch off?

The anderson connector can also serve as an output to a 72v inverter for use during power outages or powering tv, ac, tools, etc.

I guess you bring up a good point. I should see if my BMS 24 has a storage charge setting. I have NOT connected the High and Low shutoff from the BMS to a relay. I was trying to minimize relay power draw.
I have been depending on my reprogrammed DeltaQ to finish the charge on a balanced set of batteries and just watching the voltages. I believe the deltaQ shuts off at ~83v. I thought that was too high for storage and that lithium should be stored at ~60% charged.

So options are: adding a relay if the BMS24 has a storage setting or just plugging in a separate " long term storage" charger set through the anderson connector set for a lower ~60% of max voltage? Any idea where I should put a shut off relay off the BMS24 using a deltaQ?

I also have to figure out where that power draw is coming from :frowning: The positive to having an extra 72v charger is I can charge the pack if the voltage ever falls below the threshold for the deltaQ. When it does that it won’t charge the pack.


Oh, then your all set with bms-24.
If you don’t have one, I now make a single wire interface to dq from bms. (white wire)
Then set bms to 3.7v or whatever you want. There are two settings. Bms will keep battery between those settings. Say 3.7 to 3.9.
Only a few button presses to raise it to 4.1v or whatever you wish.

Whoa!!! Single wire interface to white DQ wire. Yes, very interested. What’ll it run me shipped to 79121?

Many thanks!

You need to connect white wire to B- to charge, right?
That’s what this does. Through bms.
$20 + $7.50 priority mail.

If anyone wants to make their own. It’s an open collector 2n2222 connected to dq.
The bms output drives the indicator led and base. Through proper current limit of course.
Led shows that bms is asking for charge. Other conditions must be met for actual charging. Ie. charger plugged in etc.


I also have a splitter to connect a second charger. For fast charging.
Sometimes have new or used dq with lithium profiles.

Yes white goes to B-. I’ll PM you for details.