Amd 7,5 better than new $500

Why is this motor $500

  1. It is a 2017 motor with less than 1500 miles.

2 The owner never serviced it and the brushes stuck.

  1. Why did brushes stick? AMD motors are built with closer tolerances than GE or D&D (RFF Blue) motors. They should be serviced after 3 years, Blue motors after 4 years and GE after 5 to prevent this condition.

  2. This motor has had the commutator resurfaced a new bearing and the brushes clearanced.

5 What does clearancing the brushes mean? It means the brushes are sanded down to give them more space in the brush holder. This is why my AMD motors are better than new. You can expect 5 years before next service is needed. (Except in coastal areas)

Rodney has done dozens of motors for me. These motors when he is done with them are awesome. I have one in my personal Gem.

Thanks again for this and working with me to make sure it would work for my application. I’m far from an expert, but the inside of this motor is pristine.

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