Alarm While Coasting

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We just purchased a 2001 GEM E825. I came with 4 year old Walmart batteries that would only last about 2 miles . We updated to new Delka 8G31 batteries and changed our charger to the C setting for gel batteries. It also came with a broken BDI gauge so I have no idea of the battery level while I am driving around. I have ordered a refurbished BDI.

With both the old and the new set of batteries, after driving a few miles we are getting an alarm while coasting. It comes shortly after letting off the gas (?) pedal and continues until I step on the gas again. I’ve tried resetting the cart by turning off/on the main power switch. I always recharge, even it I just run to the corner market. Is this alarm telling me that my batteries are getting weak? if so, why would my brand new batteries only last for a few miles? Someone mentioned that the cart charges the batteries while coasting so maybe the alarm sounds when its charging?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Getting your BDI working again is important not as much for the battery condition but for it’s ability to display any error codes that your car may be experiencing. There are many safety checks your car goes through that if not satisfied, will leave you sitting quietly.

For example: One of these you will see is a 04 and it is resolved by simply dropping your parking brake. Without knowing this you will just sit there. Sometimes the switch fails and the code will not clear, but at least you know where to look.

You should really install an external battery volt meter anyway. The BDI is just a guesstimate device and not a real accurate source of condition anyway.

The coasting alarm?
I have never heard of this. My first reflex question needs to be scratched as it was going to be "Does your display shoe any codes?. ← See. It already would have come in handy!!!

What does this alarm sound like? Is it a constant “Beeeeeeeep”?
Is it pulsed “Beep beep”?
And it goes silent when you rest your foot on the pedal again?
I don’t know of anything that would generate a beep while driving other than the turn signal “on too long” warning. That is not related to the throttle pedal position at all.
Take the top off your dash and drag a friend along for a ride. When it starts to alarm have your assistant try to determine where it is coming from.

A wild guess would be if the car is shutting off for some reason and the alarm you hear is actually the “park brake is not set” beeper. When the alarm sounds is there a big "clunk"z from under the dash?
Then another “clack” when you press the pedal?

If you have an external volt meter you can easily verify if it is a power high/low issue. Attach it to your controller on the POS and NEG attachments on the top and note the reading at rest, while cruising around, and when it is alarming.

How long ago did you change batteries? A very common mistake when installing batteries is to get one of them in and wired up backwards. Double check your install. This or a failed battery would cause a low range issue.

Sticky brakes would cause a range issue. After driving it around a bit feel the drums. If any are hot, that will be an issue.

It cobbled something together

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The coasting alarm does sound like the same alarm for the parking break. Its a pulsed beep, not a solid beep but that still doesn’t explain why it would wait for a few miles before it starts. During the first few miles I can coast with no alarm. The alarm does stop once I step on the pedal again. Ill take it out this weekend and listen for the clunk but I haven’t noticed this at all. Ill also leave the dash open and see if we can tell where the alarm is coming from. The breaks seem fine, a little stuff but I think that’s normal. We took pictures and videos when we replaced the batteries so we are confident they are installed correctly.
The BDI display just shows a random 247 number that isn’t solid. Its like a scrolling, flashing number that comes in and out. I’ve also noticed a 191 number but again, its rolling, flashing. Thank you so much for the great suggestions.

In normal operation the BID will scroll through a few things. Usually it is current speed, and battery status (in percent) miles. If any errors come up it will show up there.

Do you know if the wiring update has been installed on this car?
When you are under the dash look over on the passenger side for an open PC board with components visible.


If you don’t find one there will be a black box with fins.

That doesn’t look familiar at all but Ill check when I get home tonight. Thank You!