Across the ocean

Hi everyone,

I am writing from France and I have been using EV for a while now.
My first one was a Renault Clio (1996) built with NiCd batteries, then as my wife has stolen it to drive kids to school, I bought a Peugeot 106 (1996)using the same battery technology.
And my last one is a Renault Kangoo with Range Extender (2002)

In France, we are not as lucky as you in the US, we are not allowed to convert a car from a gas motor to an electric one. :frowning:
So we try to keep the one we have for a long time!

I am enjoying sharing with :slight_smile:

Hi Legwy

Welcome to the forum - do you think that EV conversion rules in France will change for the better in the short term?