A new swift Electric car in Germany 2015

A small single-seat car, fully electric-powered has been developed in East Germany, is scheduled to be launched in the German market in 2015 year.

The new light weight car is named “Colibri” which means in German language a “humming bird”. The car is fully supported by the Berlin’s government and competes the French car single-seater “TWIZY” produced by Renault Company.

“Innovative Mobility Automobile” German Company (I.M.A) developed the “Colibri” and is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany for more than 2.8 million euros.

“I.M.A” Company believes that there is a strong market for such a suitable car to use in cities, and 500 thousand cars of this type can be sold. Rumors say that the car will be equipped with a longer life battery and can be shipped in a shorter time. Compared to other electric cars, it also consumes less energy.

According to the statement -of the “I.M.A” company’s production manager “Robert Witsel”- to German’s site “www.bosch-engineering.de” which focuses on German engineering topics, “Colibri” may cover a distance of 110 kilometers before recharging the battery, due to its lightness weight which does not surpass 440 kg.

The car operates with phosphate lithium ionizing battery ability of 5.6 kilowatts. It reaches a maximum speed of 120 km/h. The car is scheduled to be sold at about 10 thousand euros (13 thousand dollars) without the expense of battery rental fee.

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