8.9 kWh Li-Ion 2022 GEM Not Charging

@djgabriel2004 Thanks! I was updating my last post with the computer cord results as you responded. To me, this is now 100% the charger and will be sent in for replacement.

Also, this is a bit worrisome…
Screenshot 2022-06-03 110718

Is there a way to get Digital Wrench without a dealers license? The GEM fleet may or may not grow depending on if I can ever get rental insurance and it would be nice to have. Maybe they could be sweet talked into it if they knew it was for a business venture? https://eversommer.com/

If you have a dealer friend it might be worth to ask.
Yeah the tag says that but most likely it’s in the right algo since the BMC will double check and change it every time you plug it in.

Are you getting them Brand new with lithium from Polaris?

I’ll check with my dealer for sure.

Also yes. As of now, new from Polaris with the ridiculous upcharge for Li-Ion (the current average production price is ~$132 / KWh, which I at some point I calculated to be like a 5X markup they put on them). It’s insane, but the 8.9 KWh pack is the absolute minimum pack size that gives me enough range to justify a rental VS AGM or equivalent.

I’ve seen some swaps on here and it has caught my eye. Liability is a major cause of concern though with it being a rental and not just personal use.

Finding a used Li-Ion on the open market it pretty rare from what I was experiencing a year or so ago. Even the dealers and area sales reps I was talking with were fairly unfamiliar with the option and I ended up doing a lot of legwork and research on my end to get up to date and get all my questions answered.

That’s what insurance is for. A brand new Polaris burned down in a warehouse. Our lithium kits are “new” ev batteries which are designed for use in huge production and tested for vehicle use.
New lithium chemistry is safe. It’s wiring that can start fires. Then the battery finishes the job.
Being water based, I thought lead was self extinguishing, but a “black spot” picture on facebook was a lead powered Gem.


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with it being a rental and not just personal use.

This statement leads me to believe you are renting out your cart/remote home when you are not there. Is this an Air BnB setup?

I would be more afraid of how the car is treated by the “renter mentality” that makes people want to try crazy things when they climb behind the wheel. Just ask the mechanic at the local golf course.

Again, I guess that is what insurance is for.