630KW Cummins New Genset, Interested?

630KW New Cummins diesel generator for sale

Rated frequency: 50Hz
Rated speed 1500rpm
Rated voltage: 400V/230V
Control module: SmartGen 6110
Alternator: Starlight TFW2-630-4A
Equipped with air filter, fuel filter, oil filter, battery, silencer and a set of special tool.

Is this special priced surplus equipment, or are you a salesman? <1/2 price?

It is new genset. Normal price.

Nice looking gen set. Can it run on natural gas?

Thank you. The genset uses diesel not natural gas.

With the hurricane moving toward the east coast you should be able to sell that genset to many businesses. Put it in Craiglist for VA, NC and SC.

Thank you dear, but i don’t know how to contact the purchasing staff.:pensive: